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The Time-Saving Science Behind Sales

No matter what industry you’re in, the world of Sales is a machine that never sleeps, 24/7 around the globe. As greater demands are made on our time, we’re expected to fit more and more into the hours we have in the day: sending more emails, shaking more hands, generating leads, hitting higher targets –

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Instinct – Are Recruiters Born With It?

Earlier in the year, I wrote about some of the qualities I think you need to be a successful recruiter in my blog post “10 Tips On How To Become The World’s Best Recruiter”. It wasn’t an exhaustive list by any means; in fact I intend for it to be a series of posts, diving deeper into

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5 Tips On Writing The Perfect CV

As the owner and lead recruiter at Carson Recruitment, there’s one question in particular I get asked a lot: “How do I write the perfect CV?” There’s plenty of school of thought out there, and at the end of the day, there is no one correct answer. Creating the ‘right’ CV depends on many variables,

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Time For Change

Apprenticeship Levy: Time For Change

Back in May, with the Apprenticeship Levy imminent, I wrote about the potential effects on recruitment, and gave my opinion that employers would begin paying very close attention to their apprenticeship schemes, demanding higher quality programs and services from their training partners. Almost three months into the Levy, and the signs are showing that I

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Generating Sales In The Third Millennium

Remember the good old days in sales? All you needed was a telephone (landline, wired, of course), a pile of bought-in leads, and the confidence that yes, you could pick up the phone, convince somebody that your product or service was better than everybody else’s, put the phone down and write your sale on the

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Company Culture

Isn’t it time you got serious about Company Culture?

Company culture. Organisational culture. Corporate culture. Whatever the name, there used to be a time when you could take one look at the name of a business, the sector it operated in, and its owner, and make some fairly safe assumptions about its “culture”. If you were applying for a certain type of job, you

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Apprenticeship Levy 2017

Apprenticeship Levy: what will it mean for recruiters?

We are fast-approaching Spring, and the much-discussed Apprenticeship Levy is just around the corner. Every expert has had their say, and opinions on its implementation and viability have been as polarising as they have been plentiful. The imminent levy has been labelled everything from an “investment in skills at all levels” to a downright “stealth

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